A more proper welcome…

Hey you! Yeah, you, the one reading this stuff. Welcome to this blog. I hope you will enjoy all the nonsense you’ll read around here, since that’s about all there is gonna be. Yeah, this blog is basically gonna be filled with brain crap.

Now then, a nice introduction would be in order, wouldn’t it? I’m Karol, aka Darkie, the author of this forsaken piece of text. I’m quite 18, and also quite passionate about video-games (mostly PC games). I would say that I am a wee bit informed about them, almost like some kind of fanatic, or otaku, seeing as I actually have a gaming site. You can find it at http://www.gredb.com .

The site hasn’t been updated for a little while, but hey, I’m planning to get it up and running yet again. For that though I need some gaming time. I do have a few reviews still on hold, including Prototype, Red Faction Guerilla and a few others, but not much motivation to do them. They also take a while to write, a while which I don’t exactly have, seeing as I’m currently working about 10-12 hours a day these days.

About that, I’m a Ubisoft game tester.  I can’t say more than that, mind you.

Anyway, to sum it all up, I’m Karol, I’m 18, I like games, and I like life. Feel free to comment on GReDb here, feedback is always nice.


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