Get to the Chopstikka

People in Asian countries have been using chopsticks to eat for a hell of a lot of time. I however just stumbled over actually using these eating utensils yesterday, when because of weekend overtime, my colleagues and I ordered Chinese food.

I was looking forward to eating the spicy stuff, and all the while I was thinking about the fact that I didn’t want to use a fork. I guess it must have been an inner ambition, I do that sometimes, you know – doing something the hard way just because you can and never giving in to doing it the easy way? Anyway, it was fun, although I was between the last guys to leave the table then. Eating with chopsticks is cumbersome if you’ve never done it before. Yet this is not the point of this little story.

Point is that I tend to obsess over some things so much that I try to find out almost everything about them. This enthusiasm is not very long lived, but it’s intense for the duration. Of course, I don’t only get myself that way over objects or hobbies. Everything that interests me can be the object of this enthusiasm, and when it starts, it will occupy most of my mind. One reason for which I can sustain this drive to find out everything I can about something stems from the fact that the internet is so open and so full of information. Now then, had I not had a connection, my laziness would’ve prevented me from actually trying to find out more than I know about something. I know that this trait of mine, this unending curiosity, is not my trait only.

I also know that I tend to apply this so-called obsession on video-games mostly, and that isn’t really that useful to me as a person, but what I found of from most of this is that whatever there is in the world done by others, and done well, I could do it too, had I tried hard and long enough.

Procrastination is another trait of mine however, so I just postpone whatever I would want to do indefinitely. One such example is the fact that I really want to learn how to draw. You can see some of my work at Whether I’ve been successful with my trials or I plainly suck is up to you. I guess I tried.


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