Requiescat in pace

Death… Such an uncanny word. One that inspires both fear and anxiety, indifference and thoughtfulness. But this is not about the word, it is not about the means, it is merely about the object possessing the aforementioned property. While it is said that the opposite of life is death, what is it if the object that dies has no life before it does – indeed – die?

My monitor died today. It was not a peaceful death, what with my stubbornness to not let things die while in my hands. It’s not as if a part of me has died, but knowing that I contributed to its death doesn’t help any to relieve the pain of the loss. Of course, the fact that a friend was awesome and loaned me one he had spare does relieve most of it, but I will miss the times of pounding on the poor old carcass of a metal hulk on my desk. Cracked open the case, broke it into pieces, bent the metal inside, screwed everything out and put it together again, but nothing could revive the old thing…

Rest in Pieces, old friend

Rest in Pieces, old friend

It had great power, passed through many hands. This one however was his last, and I am honored to have been served by my Fujitsu x176. Rest in scrap heaven, old friend.


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