I’m an avid game player, but that doesn’t really count when it comes to most games I play. I usually play a game for an hour or ten then leave them to rot. Of course, this does not happen with all titles I put my hands on. Games like Diablo or Warcraft 3 or Starcraft have huge replay value, even in single-player. And so it came to pass, that after years of not replaying a game, save for a quick multiplayer match, I get inside a game I’ve finished before and start playing again. That game just happened to be Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War 2.


It's hammer time!

I’ve already reviewed the game quite a while ago on my site (you can find the review here) as well as finished it in order to get it written. But somehow I became attracted again to this game. It’s not about the multiplayer, it’s fun, but this time I’m starting the campaign all over again. The game may have given hints of replayability, what with each squad being able to be fitted with way different weapons and somehow making it work, but when I was playing it all felt so… preset. Force Commanders are melee fighters, so I fitted mine with the chainsword and bolter combo. That was last time. This time I’m doing it differently. All teams play far, all squads take a bolt-gun in their hands and blast those orks all the way to hell and back (or the Warp, to stay in the Universe of 40k). For the Emperor.

Regardless to say that I played a few hours. I would play more but I need to sleep as well. And for some reason, this game makes Need for Speed Shift and Red Faction Guerilla take a back seat. I guess I am inclined to like RTSes, or perhaps it’s just that I like blowing up orks. Whatever the reason for that might be, I’m glad I can have fun with a game I finished months ago – it feels almost nostalgic, despite the time.

It’s still a beautiful game, visceral and violent, but funny and fun at the same time. I recommend you play it again, even if you don’t know about the Warhammer 40k universe or whatever other reason. There is also an awesome free DLC coming up, The Last Stand, oh, and a new expansion coming up in the Spring adding the Chaos race to the mix (along with tons of other stuff, mind you). That not enough for you? Well, that’s too bad.


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