A cycle: any complete round or series of occurrences that repeats or is repeated.

We all live a cycle. Life itself is a cycle that ends with death. If it repeats itself, I guess we’ll never really know. But all we do comes in cycles and repetition. Our daily lives evolve around the revolutions of the sun, the cycle of eating, sleeping and living, and then rinse, and repeat. But would we ever grow monotonous? Of course we would. Then again we don’t.

This always got me dizzy.

This always got me dizzy.

I wake up in the morning, wash, go to work, work for many hours, then get back home, wash, sleep. And the cycle begins again. It’s a cycle we rarely break, but when we do, everything changes. Good or bad, it depends on the action. Change is not always good, mind you. But from time to time something happens that makes you feel different. And when something makes you feel different, everything else will start feeling different too. That, or you would expect it to be as such, and you start seeing said everything else with a new pair of eyes. And if we just live in a cycle, why ever be sad when we can just be eternally happy? I know I came at work a bit down the weather this morning, but in the meantime I grew a pair of balls again and said: “BLEEEP it!”.

So if you ever feel indisposed or in some other depressive malfunctioning way, teach yourself to get everything back together and redeem your life as the cycle of being you resumes.


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