Assassin Newz!

As you might have heard before now, the PC version of AC2 has been delayed to early next year. The console versions have not changed their general release date of late November (20th or 17th).

I maed this!

I maed dis!

Some other cool news include the fact that Left 4 Dead is 50% off, selling at 11 Euros for these three days, with the coming of the new free DLC Crash Course, Borderlands gets delayed a week, a new DLC is coming this October for Dawn of War 2, and I’m a collaborator of

I’m gonna have my reviews that are over at GReDb translated into Romanian and posted on the site, and you should visit the news over there, as they are totally full of win.

Link here:

PS: You can see a hi-res before and after comparison of the pic by clicking on it.


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