Zombies! Recommend shotguns!

Apparently October 30th is zombie day in my book. My computer got 2 new games installed (one of which was installed before anyway): Zombie Shooter 2 and Left 4 Dead. Both great zombie games, the first one a bit more sci-fi than the second. The latter more first person than the third person former. It’s not nice to compare, but it’s obvious that both are great fun.

Come get them brainz!

Come get them brainz!

Of course, I’ve played some kind of Zombie Shooter 2 before, in the form of Alien Shooter Vengeance. It’s not a reskin by any means, but it does feel extremely similar. They are both made by the same company, but the differences aren’t really that apparent between the two games. You can clearly see, though, that this zombie slogger suffers from a severe case of color loss. You may read a full review of this game when I finish it, but from the impressions of the first hour and a half slog through it, it’s a typical isometric perspective zombie game with gameplay reminiscent of mouse shooting games, like the Flash ones spreading like a plague on Kongregate or Miniclip. It’s also got quite a few RPG elements to it, in that you can evolve your character while going through missions in the campaign, buy weapons and other things. All in all, good guilty fun, with tons of gore and fun. I have to say though, the gore is not usually red as you may think. It’s usually white or gray, and that kinda takes away from the pleasure of blowing up a zombie with shotgun fire.

The L4D 2 logo has 2 fingers left.

The L4D 2 logo has 2 fingers left.

You should already be familiar with Left 4 Dead, but if you aren’t, you should know that it’s made by Valve (Half-Life 1&2 and Counter-Strike, yo!), is played in 4 player Co-op and is awesome. It also has fast zombies, reminiscent of the “28 time periods later” series. It also has special zombies which can be controlled by humans in the Versus mode, capable of wreaking havoc in your dream team, if the normal zombie horde does not prove dangerous enough (and it  usually doesn’t). I loved it day one, and it’s also a great game for those who aren’t that much of zombie fans.

Update: Played L4D for about an hour and a half now. It was so damn fun I am overdue for bed. Dang! You really should get the game, it’s tons of fun and it’s getting a lot of free DLC. Get it while it’s cheap!

In other news on horror games, Dead Space 2 will begin production shortly, courtesy of Inside Gaming. Just got that. All I gotta say is: Yay!


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