Games in the House!

I like House MD. Really smart stuff going on there, also very good actors. Did you know Hugh Laurie (Dr. House) is actually English and has a very English accent? ‘Tis fact!

Lucky for you, I've got the Megablaster.

Lucky for you, I've got the Megablaster.

The latest episode in the series, episode 2 of season VI, focuses on a game developer patient having a rather curious disease, as all patients in House MD do. It’s not lupus, mind you. The episode has some nice game cutscenes along with some juicy hallucinations based on a game we shall never ever see, but the fact that the videogames have a say in popular television is the high mark here. Sure, it’s not a huge appearance, but it’s there along with the few other video-game related scenes in movies and TV series. Of course, because every patient has his demands, this one would post his symptoms on the internet slating a huge reward to the guy who manages to get him cured. Cool episode, in all, you should watch it.

In other news, I think I’m starting to get addicted to Left4Dead. It’s growing on me, and it’s got a ton of content for the really small price it exhibits. It still sells for 11 euros (15 bucks)! Get it while it lasts!


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