Nothing special?

There comes a time when everything seems to go just as it should go. And it almost always happens when you get used to the world around you. Most older people get that and forget the struggle to get out of normality – procrastination and getting used to the life you usually live will get you bored to death, but also too bored or lazy to actually act outside your known bounds.

There is a term in a game named Assassin’s Creed – OOB – out of bounds. Basically getting out of that area will get you out of sync with your ancestor. This may basically be the way that people think they would get if they get out of their clearly set normal path: desynchronized with themselves, feeling out of place. That is certainly true, but is feeling out of place really a bad thing? Sure it may feel uncomfortable at first, doing something you usually don’t do, awkward too, but then again, what are we if we don’t try everything?

Raid of the Bees

Raid of the Bees

We, as humans, are curious beings. I myself am very curious about mostly everything around me. I actually have to try hard to not show it sometimes, but what matters is that this curiosity, as a property I possess, has been a very profitable asset, intellectually speaking. I used my natural curiosity to want to learn biology, anatomy, computer science, I even used my natural curiosity to love games because of what they hide behind the cute graphics and clever gameplay. It’s usually just a means of getting money, but in some cases, like Braid, the secret hidden behind the game is more… precise, so to speak. And that is to make you feel befuddled with yourself until you get the idea, and be sad by the tragedy afterward. And that is all because the entire game, with it’s beautiful lush graphics and brain-sucking gameplay, is based on REGRET, and regret is one of any man’s worst nightmares, those which haunt him for most of his life. And it is regret we “spawn” when we do something out of the ordinary.

But hey, for every regret we have, we must have at least 10 happy things we should remember, right? So keep those in mind and don’t give yourself time to regret. It’s only going to be time lost.


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