Upside’s to the left

It’s sort of weird how everything you once knew could just fall over slightly at one moment. This happens quite often – you get a new job, you start school or college, you get a girlfriend – and it’s something that we almost crave for. It’s a change we want to be done because we don’t exactly like the present condition. Of course, when the wish is not met, disappointment occurs. And that’s perfectly normal: How many times were you disappointed? In my case it was more than I ever expected, but enough to keep me going.

Sure life is boring, monotonous and against you as a person sometimes, but that doesn’t mean that you are to be sad for time on end – I’m looking at you, emo’s. Look on the bright side. Your mom may not like you, but think that you’ve actually been grown to an age you can give her grief about it. Think of the fact that you were happy once, until you stupidly decided to be sad all the time. Or something like that, I’m not sure either. It’s masochistic and egoistical in any way you get it, even if the opposite, extreme optimism, is egotistical as well. Look at things the way they are, and if they are down, well, try to get them up, and if you can’t, look up.

I’m hardly the first person to give emotional advice to people I don’t know (or do know) on the internets, but something you should keep in mind is that the happier you are, the better you feel, and if you don’t like that, you ain’t human.

PS: Sorry for the boring post, but it’s 7AM and I haven’t slept much, so I can’t exactly think very straight.


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