Deaf 4 Head

As I have been playing a few games of L4D recently, I came upon these marvelous conclusions:

1. Death is sad.

2. Getting shot in the back is more sad.

3. Shooting somebody in the back is both sad and sadistic.

Meet the Ass-assin

Meet the Ass-assin

Of course, playing on Expert means that all of these three conclusions come around a lot, so much so even, that I started playing easier difficulties just for the sake of playing a game, and not waiting to get picked up again. As I’m usually too lazy to look around for a suitable game, I’m usually pitted with some random people into a random Expert difficulty game, in which the next few seconds are met with the usual hard zombie opposition, after which the next few minutes are those in which the zombies spit our collective bones out. That happens even in the event of not meeting a tank.

Let’s use basic math – you start at 100 health. Each horde zombie hit steals 15 of that away. 6 hits and you’re so injured you can barely walk. One more and you’re incapacitated. Add to that the error of getting shot in the back, that of flames (oh the humanity) and the special infected, and you’re pretty much toast unless you’re an expert (or too lucky). Of course having a better than average team helps – but seeing as most disparate groups you find in quick games on the internets consist of pretty much the runners and the turtlers, you will always have somebody run off like Rambo in front of the group, usually finding himself with a shotgun shell in his back, as well as run into guys who would make themselves like almost movable bunkers, only running off when the group is getting their blood sucked by the cold, hard, concrete.

That said, the game is awesome. Because when you see these problems of human nature, you can’t notice the fact that the game, itself, would have flaws. It’s all human error, all the game does is entertain. If you die, it’s because of you and your team-mates, not of that AI Director sending all those hordes at you when you are at low health and out of ammo.

Despite all the frustrations, I can’t see myself blaming the game – that is why I say that the game is great. Sure the AI of the team-mates isn’t, but who the hell would play L4D in single-player anyway, right? Considering the effort that Valve’s put into this game, I’d place it on a must buy stand. Now that it’s not 15 bucks though, I’ll put it off for the next discount. Sorry Valve, but I am poor.


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