I’m not one to watch movies, it’s just how my gamer blood flows. But there is always one moment when I just feel like seeing a good movie – that’s not a hard wish to please in my case, I like B-movies too. But I’ve watched two which are worlds apart, and liked them both pretty much a damn hell of a lot, reasons being that one is a laugh for hours comedy featuring Jack Black, and the other is a guilty pleasure, rated R movie about real-life games.

Adam and... Edam?

Adam and... Edam?

All’swell in this world, especially when Jack Black makes fun of human evolution and religion so much that it makes you roll on the floor laughing. Year One is a parody of sorts, perhaps rooting itself into prehistory documentaries or plain funny thinking featuring the a guy everybody would totally love. As I said, Jack Black, one of the two singers from Tenacious D. Besides having the coolest name ever, he’s also an extremely funny guy, at least from what I’ve seen. He’s also the only male so-called star I’d love to meet in person. He’s also worked on Brutal Legend, and you can see a ton of movies featuring him in Brutal Thoughts, up on Youtube. The movie itself is simplistic and down to earth, literally. The plot is shallow enough to make it easy to follow and repeatable enough to get incredibly funny because of recurring humor.

But it’s the actors that make this movie, and in this case, there is a really good cast, Jack being the front man. I can’t remember the names and I’m to sleepy to search IMDB, but I do know that Thirteen (Dr. Hadley from House MD) stars in the movie as princess Inana. Everything looks great and like sitting on rickety fun walls, which makes it all the more fun to watch.

Badass poster, mind you

Badass poster, mind you

Diametrically different is Gamer, a movie about people controlling people. Apparently in a world when the technology has advanced hell of a lot, people are able to play MMOs not using graphical characters in a controlled environment, but real people. Hence the game Society coming up, depicted in the movie as an effed-up real version of Second Life. Since people weren’t pleased with just living and controlling somebody else, they wanted to die as somebody else as well, the game named Slayers having emerged as a real-life Call of Duty 4’esque arcade game, where everybody is real and the gibs are real human parts. If this isn’t enough for you, there is LAG in the game too, so it’s so much like real life that you can’t get closer.If that doesn’t get you hot on the movie, I don’t know what can. But you should watch it anyway. It’s a lot of fun, but really serious as well. Gerard Butler is giving a killer performance as well. See it!


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