It happens sometimes that you just don’t have anything to write about anymore. Today may be that day for me. Or it’s not, since I’m writing something. I’m writing about writer’s block. Yeah, we all have our times. And so it came to pass that me, Darkie, or Karol, was sitting in the metro-station, thinking of how stuff is constantly moving. Of course, Alex thinks this is a really boring topic to talk about, so I guess I’ll keep it for some other time, when he isn’t around, so he would let me write about E pur si muove.

They sure are salty.

They sure are salty.

These pretzels are making me thirsty though. And Lex is imagining a teleportation technique to reach the store yesterday to bring water in today, so we aren’t thirsty in the first place. If your head isn’t exploding at this moment, Alex isn’t doing his job right.

I’m random, I’m tired, and I’ve worked 12 hours today. All’s well and good in the dark world of me. Yes it’s dark, it’s dark at work, it’s dark in the metro station, and I’m constantly running where there is daylight over my head, so it’s dark, once again.

So turn off those gently caressed lights.


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