I had it coming. People at work started playing Diablo 2 – so what do I do? I get along with them and start playing again, of course. Damn I love this game, and I always instantly get addicted to it. I’d play more if not for my job and the fact that I have to work 12 hour days.

It’s late now, and I’m terribly sleepy, so I’m just going to leave this post in a cliffhanger until I get back to it later today (after I sleep, perhaps). Have a good day :).


Hmm, yeah. I guess I got 5 more minutes to write here. So I started playing D2 again, with my old character. He was a level 36 Necromancer, based on bone skills. Whoopedy whoop and he’s level 50 now, destroying most of everything in nightmare. I’m having an old time with my mercenary, since he keeps dying, but I think he’ll eventually be fine – he just needs more training and some better armor.

You know when some things are so obviously right that they are wrong? There is one such case in Diablo, among many others. Caster classes, which use mana to cast spells, need energy for mana. Yet it is not advised to dump any points into energy at all, no matter the class. That may be hard to understand, but if you use some basic math, you’ll see that you will never ever need any energy points if you learn to love the mana potion. Every class receives a bonus to the maximum mana every time it levels. While melee classes, like the barbarian or assassin, don’t get much in terms of mana (because they get more health), caster classes get a lot of it. And so it comes to pass, that when level 60-70 comes, there is so much mana there that you don’t actually need any energy to keep it up. Of course, because of the low stat, the mana regeneration will be low, but again, the mana potion is your friend.

So now I go to work, play a bit of my barbarian there (level 22), get home, continue playing the necromancer (and get items for the people at work too), sleep, rinse, repeat. I guess it may be boring, but it’s my addiction.

Good thing I don’t smoke, drink heavily, or do drugs anyway. Gaming is vice enough.


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