Hold’em, Five-Stud, Omaha… Poker. I don’t play it, although I did for a short while. In my opinion it’s an amazing game of wit, intelligence and persistence. Many people would call it a game of luck, but it’s not. If you only get unlucky during bad beats, you are a good player, and are sure to get out of it with a plus in your pocket. Now of course, lucky people may get out with a lot of money fast, but some others, more hardcore, can actually make a living out of playing poker – and that is awesome.


Quad aces...mmm...

Many motivations drive the poker player. My friend plays to destroy the pockets of stupid people (he’s sadistic like that), others play for money, fame or family, or all of them. Myself, I would play it for the fun of it. But I’m not, it’s an expensive game to play, and if it weren’t, too many people would play. That, and, of course, the fact that it’s a total time sink, and everybody knows that two time sinks don’t mix well with a job, especially one where you have to work extra hours, like mine (well, not have to, but that extra buck in the pocket is sure worth the trouble). Of course, my¬†favorite¬†time sink is the fact that I play Video Games.

All that said, I like poker, I would love it even. But for every good side, there is a bad side. For every World of Warcraft, there are the extreme cases that fall off the humanity charts – some poker players go there as well. None that I know, but that’s to be seen.


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