Mission Accomplished

Nothing. I did nothing. Well, aside of things I usually do. But I DID nothing. You can’t say that you didn’t do nothing, because that would be wrong, from a grammatical standpoint (double negation). But nothing is something that you did. So that way, you did something. But something is not nothing… right? But you did nothing as something… or something. It’s all kinda complicated, and what I actually did is nothing else but whatever I do, which is work, eat and sleep. And yet… today was fun.

I didn’t do anything special, I just took it all in stride and smiled. And why wouldn’t I smile? Nothing was wrong, and everybody smiled back. I slept well, I was ok, ran like hell (as I usually do), worked a bit, ran some more, finished overtime at 10PM, got home at 11. It’s just the usual, but it’s all great. And I don’t have anything to write about so… what do you know? I won’t.

I’ll just leave you with this. Sorry, it’s late and I’m too bored to write. So see ya some other time with some more words you can read when you are bored.


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