The Last Stand

Today Dawn of War 2 is going to be afflicted by the incredible new DLC The Last Stand. I can’t wait until it goes online, I’ve been waiting for this for a long while now, and finally the time has come to survive. But not now. It’s late, and the update is not up yet.

The Ork Dakka triangle

The Ork Dakka triangle

Till then, I’ll say that I’ve had a hell of a day… Missed work. Strange, I know, but then again, I needed the rest, and I couldn’t get out of the apartment because of a key derangement. Apparently one of my roomies left the door locked this morning and my poker playing friend never came in last night (as he said he wouldn’t). Then again, it’s my fault, since I didn’t leave a note to the morning roommate to leave me the key. So I’ve slept, slept and starved until one of them came home and I was set loose and on the prowl at the local coffee shop.

On other notes, I’ve been seeing lots of footage of Brütal Legend on the internets (I like looking at Let’s Plays and Walkthroughs) and it’s looking like one of the most original and imaginative games of this year (and possibly other years as well). I like watching it, but what trumps watching is listening to it). Everything that is linked to sound in the game grants it an atmosphere you can almost feel in the air.

EDIT: It’s been a boring day today, except for the fact that I’ve been playing the Last Stand for the rest of the day, and I can say it’s truly awesome. It’s really fun in a Left4Dead way, but a bit different.

You get to choose between 3 heroes: the Ork Mekboy, the Space Marine Captain, and the Eldar Farseer. Each of them are completely unique, and you can customize them with wargear before each session of survival goodness. Your heroes also gain levels depending on how well they do as a team, and each level, while not raising your power directly, adds new pieces of wargear you can use to satisfy different roles. So if at first, your Space Marine Captain only has to choose from a Bolter or a Chainsword/Bolt Pistol combo, later he will have access to a wide range of different armors, weapons and abilities he may use to more diversely destroy his foes.

All games are played in one single map, a circular arena with four gates allowing enemies in. Each wave consists of an exact number of enemies of the exact composure, only differing from game to game by the position from which they come, which is random. Every fourth wave, you will encounter a barrier boss battle, where you will get to fight something more interesting, like for example a Force Commander along with two Apothecaries with the usual wave of Imperial Guardsmen. The waves get progressively harder, and I can say that I never actually managed to pass the ninth wave myself. It consists of a deadly combo of warp spiders, huge numbers of howling banshees and a few shuriken cannons for good measure. Up until now, I never managed to survive this wave, and neither did my teammates. It’s hardly a breeze to get there anyway.

Every game must be played online along with two other teammates. I’ve had a game where one hero dropped, and we ended up dead in wave 6 where I usually got over easily before. Allies which are shot down can be raised by other teammates, so they may fight again. If all three heroes are down at the same time, it’s game over. Although it’s a game of progression mostly, The Last Stand is very competitive by nature as well. There is a scoring system integrated, taking several things into account into making the multipliers work for you. There are two victory points on the map. Holding them both will give you a 6x multiplier, however the enemy also seeks them for themselves. The more waves you manage to survive as a team, the higher the multiplier. And ultimately, the faster you kill your enemies, the more points you get, as such being encouraged a faster pace.

What I like most about this game mode, though, is the fact that you can play however much you like. Most games end in about 10 minutes. Longer ones may take a quarter of an hour. The best game in the leaderboard at this time is 24 minutes long. So it’s not a time sinker, and it’s immensely satisfying to see yourself get over a wave you usually struggled with once you got over the secrets of it.

In other news, I’m a bit mad. I expected a discount for DoW2 because of the DLC, but not this way. The game is… or rather was, discounted 50% up until today, since monday. When were they planning to say that? Today? This is the first day I actually saw the announcement. Get it while it’s still cheap if you want it. It’s worth it in my opinion (it’s 20 euros – about 30 bucks).


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