Standing tall

I understand that many people in the world have already reached wave 20 of the Last Stand DLC for Dawn of War 2, but I’m happy I got at wave 17. It’s epic, and Relic really did a great job with the game. As one of the Relic employees said, wave 9 is the one where the game stops screwing around, and I’ll be damned if I didn’t feel that. It was quite a while until I managed to pass that, but after passing wave 10 – the one of plasma wielding Space Marines and Frag Grenades throwing Scouts, we got quite far away.

I should be thankful of my team, since they are the ones who managed to carry me that much. The Ork played died about 20 times I think, and we made a pact. I have a ranged revival skill which is extremely useful, but takes a lot of energy. The Ork had Speshul Bitz, which gives a targeted ability giving energy. He also has a big bomb exploding when he died, so the multitude of him dying wasn’t just to drain energy of both our sides (although him blowing up made me take some serious air).

The Eldar player was the glass cannon, running around all the time killing enemies every-which-way with his Eldritch bolts and storms. He managed to do a few waves single-handedly, but I had to act the Apothecary and tank and bring them back when needed.

The longest and most grueling wave must have been wave 16. SPOILER: It consists of clones of your own team, with the exact wargear load-out. That meant that the Ork player kept blowing up, I kept running around trying to plasma the Eldar player, and the Eldar clone kept placing up a fog of shadows to keep him hidden, not to mention the really dangerous storms put up by both the Eldar and his clone (friendly fire, dammit).

Awesome. Next step – wave 20.


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