Of course, it’s not everyday when you get the chance to play the game of your childhood once more. I got that chance today though, with Remedy releasing the arcade top-down racer Death-Rally for a free download on their official site here. Of course, I went on a spree after that, and after playing and ultimately failing horribly at Death-Rally playing alternatively with my poker-playing friend, I got to playing other old time favorites, keeping however in the realm of splitscreen. Playing old games in single player is no fun when there is two of you.

So after managing to get a flaming career in the game made by Apogee and Remedy to an even more hellish end, singlehandedly mind you, we got to playing Atomic Bomberman, bombing our brains out for a few hours, always coming up top due to my poker-playing friend’s tendency to blow himself up. It’s always been a fun multiplayer game to play, and that does not fit only to this version of Bomberman alone, since all of them are tons of fun.

Next though, we’ve had Ignition, a turbo filled toy car racing game that is much more addicting than it really looks, considering the fact that I still play it as well as 5-6 years ago when I learned the tracks by heart. It’s a really fast game, especially in higher difficulties, since speed scales with how difficult it is. In this case, my poker-playing friend came up top, with a 3-2 tournament victory score, decided by a nice race of Ignition vs Ignition on the Novice difficulty level. Even so, those cars soar when boosting.

Adding it all up, putting Death Rally to the side since it does not have multiplayer in the present state and because we played it cooperatively, we are at a fair 1-all, perhaps to be decided with some other game, sometime else. I’ve had fun with older games, can you?


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