I’ve had a few free days lately, took two Thursday and Friday off so I could get to college for a few hours at least. It’s been a nice period to sleep off and to do other things, like actually go out somewhere else than the Ubisoft HQ. I’ve also been looking at other things.

I bought Torchlight. It’s not out yet. From the streams of people playing the review copy though, it’s pretty much Diablo 2.5. Torchlight, made by Runic, is an Action RPG game, made very much along the lines of Diablo, isometric perspective, dungeon crawling and all. What got me especially excited about it though, beside the loot, is actually the music. Music in games has started taking a larger importance in the atmosphere that game creates. And to be frank, most games these days and those before are not much without a good background music to pump you up or relax you. Right?

NEW: I’m writing this on Tuesday, October 27th (I wrote what you see above this about 3 days ago). I’m currently playing Torchlight, and it’s SUPER-MEGA-AWESOME.

Also, Matt Uelmen, I’m having Diablo-related goosebumps.


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