Un-technical Problems… and TF2.

Fun times… I’ve been sleeping over 12 hours a day during the weekends, and my sleeping hours have changed heavily towards actually being in the morning. Yeah, I went to sleep Friday at 8AM Saturday. That’s kinda new of me, although my uncanny laziness isn’t. Reason for which I blame this change is the fact that I bought Team Fortress 2 that day, for 2.5 Euros. A steal really, since I basically spent every minute of that night and the following 5 hours of my waking Sunday playing the game religiously.

There is something incredibly addictive about the game itself. I can’t put my finger on it, but working in a team sure may be that cohesion I needed to get to playing a game for a very long period of time without stopping. It’s also extremely fun.

One thing attracting me to the gameplay of the game is the graphics it possesses. It has stylized models and playing fields, cartoonish in a major way, stereotyping the whole way, and there are 9 friggin’ classes, each different from each other, to play with. Unless this is World of Warcraft, I’ve rarely seen a Multiplayer game with this many. You’ve got the lumbering tank-like Russian Heavy Weapons Guy, the Aussie headshot-happy Sniper, the be-quick-or-be-dead Brooklyn Scout, the sarcastic German Medic, and so on, each so individual by itself, but as cohesive a part of a team as any others.

Each class has its good points, but also its bad points. The Heavy Weapons Guy is incredibly strong and has a great amount of health, although a nicely aimed sniper shot to the head will make it go down like the weakest of enemies. It’s also quite easy to get a shot at it, seeing as it can only walk slowly when he’s firing his mighty minigun. He’s also a huge target, so he’s bound to soak up a lot of damage. Then again, the Sniper can’t always keep his back clear, and cunning Spy players make a talent of backstabbing all snipers they see.

The game has evolved quite a lot since its release a few years ago – it’s gotten a lot of upgrades, an item system, an incredible number of achievements (250 at the moment), a ton’o’maps and so on. Said Sniper (my favorite class to play as) got a bow (The Huntsman) with which I love to play, a reactive shield he uses to protect himself from one backstab from a spy, even a can of yellowish liquid called Jarate which make the soaked enemies take additional damage from minicrits. Piece ‘a piss, as he says.

It’s incredibly fun, and an incredible time sync, preventing me from writing any reviews or anything on this blog. This is soon to change though, as I have already finished Torchlight, and have it ready for review right after I finish writing about Zombie Shooter 2.

Cheers, and Happy Headshots!


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