Cherish life…

I’ve been seeing the SAW films, more or less in leaps and bounds. I’ve seen the first one, then the fourth and then the fifth… May feel a bit weird when you think of it, but even if you see them that way, they seem like good enough movies. However, it has come to my mind that actually seeing them all in order is what was supposed to have happened to most of us, as that is how truly Jigsaw’s story unfolds.

I’m on my way to see the sixth now, but something from the fourth film has struck a chord with me, namely the expression “cherish life”. Of course we should, and yet it ends so quickly it’s almost impossible to do anything about it. I was staying at my brother’s place last week, in the middle of Bucharest, overlooking the Unirea Plaza. There is a great fountain there, surrounded by curving roads. My brother told me to come up at the window. A car had crashed in the wall of the fountain, several other cars stopped around it. A disco car convoy, he said. An ambulance appears shortly, then another, and another. Four or five gathered by the end of it. They got the driver out, got him in an ambulance. They didn’t leave with him. They then take the one riding shotgun out, a female form, from my vantage point, nine stories high. They looked at her, then left her on the grass between the two roads. A few minutes later the police arrives, and a man started taking pictures of the unmoving form. The ambulance still hadn’t left with the driver. My brother was right, they were both undoubtedly deceased. Truth be told, it was something they did that got them to the ordeal they got in, yet nevertheless, it shows how easily a life can end.

Were they going to be mourned? Surely. Were they going down into history? Who knows… And yet, you can’t stop thinking about the fact that dead as they are, they may not care what happens anymore. They are nothing more than a memory, which would blow off in the winds of time as ashes from a cigar lit on the other side of the street.

While some people may take this as something morbid or disrespectful of the dead, they should just look inside and think: I could die tomorrow too! Who knows what could happen. And if so, why wait when you want to do something? Even the ideology we back up, Democracy, tells you that you CAN do whatever doesn’t bother somebody else. And now look around you and think about how many actually do whatever they want, and you will see that almost nobody does.

It takes willpower to do something like this, but as Michael Jackson said it in his song “Man in the Mirror”, “if you wanna make the world a better place take a look at yourself, and then make a change”. Coming back at SAW now, what John, the Jigsaw “killer”, actually managed to do, is place a mirror in front of the people he placed in his morbid games. If you just look behind all the gore and fear-induced despair, you will see why I don’t think that SAW is a horror movie, but a psychological endeavor.


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