No rest for the wicked

Yeah, I’m still alive apparently. Sorry about the really long period of absolutely no words whatsoever. I’ve been lazy. Incredibly lazy, even for my own self.

In the gaming category, I guess I’ve got quite a lot to say: I’ve finished Borderlands, finished a playthrough of the main story of Torchlight, played a bit of Dragon Age Origins, quite a bit of Team Fortress 2, and I bought Modern Warfare 2. It hurt my pockets, but I believe it’s worth it. I haven’t played it yet, it’s gonna be unlocked in 20 minutes.

Anyways, expect more from me from now on, at least for a while. I can’t just stop writing unless something happens, like it did last time (had a 3 day weekend, which I mostly slept off). Also, because of the title, I leave you with a really cool song, which also acts as an opening theme to Borderlands:


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