Answering the call

I’ve been playing a wee bit of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (that’s a mouthful). The quality of it is damn impressive; there is something on my mind about it though, as the Tteam downloaded version apparently has some loading problems, hanging for about a minute when I run it.

More modern than ever!

I first thought it just froze for good, but no, it’s a known problem that is being taken care of. Whatever. I need my time to warm my hands up anyways. I’ve mostly played it multiplayer, with a few missions done at work – it’s a great game, and although the PC version is very much stigmatized because of the fact that the game is pretty much a port of the console versions, it still packs great value into the inflated price of 60 dollars. Now I haven’t played it for very much, about 2 and a half hours total, most multiplayer, but I know a good game when I see it, and unless I get my eyes torn out by some crazy accident and don’t see it that way to the end, then it would be me who would be against the world.

Alas, I am not, so I’m looking forward to thrills and chills in shades of grey and blood in Modern Warfare 2. See you, when you answer your call of duty.

EDIT: Well, I finished the single player campaign. I’m impressed. While it was a short experience (5 hours with a ton of stupid deaths), it was TOTALLY AWESOME. Really, you have to try this. It’s a thrill ride beginning to end, which can trump any recent Hollywood blockbuster (if it were a movie).


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