Runt, punt, shunt…

I don’t get it why being potty mouthed is so looked down upon. As I’ve read somewhere, you must have a friend who uses the F word as an everyday noun, verb, adjective AND adverb in the same phrase. If you don’t, you don’t have many friends. And in my case, when I hear him talking and he curiously omits one of these expressions, I add it myself because it just feels wrong to not hear said friend speak in such a manner.

In Romania we have another expression, generally referring to a man’s genital. Thing is, most people use this word or refer to this word as punctuation. That itself is usually making my day, as it’s just as funny to listen to them and predict what they are going to say as trying to understand a guy with a heavy accent – heavy laughing occurs.

While this may be a bug of known severity, it shall not be fixed until it’s high priority, that’s what they always say, on a totally unrelated note.

If you may be wondering why the sudden change in my writing ethics, I suggest you look at some videos of Yahtzee Croshaw reviewing games. He always makes me speak and write… differently. See Zero Punctuation here:


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