Ripped from the world

It’s been a nice weekend, but at this hour, 1:24AM, my days have been made even better. Sure I’ve been playing a ton of Modern Warfare 2 and other things, but this all pales to the story of a writer, Evan Ratliff, who tried to disappear from the world as a result of a dare. You can read all of it at, and I highly encourage you all to read it. It’s an incredibly good read on how easily a world can see you simply through the digital stuff that keeps us online.

Of course that wouldn’t be as easy here in Romania. We don’t need to see an ID for everything we do, you can get a ride on the train from one end of the country to the other with no checking at all, allowing you to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Then again, how would YOU feel if you were somebody else entirely, a forged person, one that would take over the YOU that you have left behind?


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