We have arrived

The move was complete, no surprises there. Just a little bit of nerves taken from the usual humanness of the situation. Like when you call the next door neighbor and he doesn’t open the front door. It’s this kind of things that kind of make me cringe, thinking that I live in a place like this. Nevermind.

On another note, everything here is completely awesome. I’ve even been so lucky to use my poker playing friend’s laptop to connect to the internet (clandestinely) and through a clever LAN connection, share it between our computers.

The place is full of lights and looks luxurious, much more so than I’ve ever had in my life, so all’s well.

There are still many basic needs to be fulfilled though, like soap, toothpaste and stuff like that, but tomorrow is another day. I guess I need to live better from now on, simply by matter of need.


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