Different place, different lifestyle

So I moved. It wasn’t a slow move though. In my life’s terms, this move occurred at light speed. It made me realize that, even with the help I get from what I get around me, I can live so well that money would not be an issue. This itself made me realize that when money is not an issue, I can concentrate on the other part of me, beside what we all do for money – work – which is my life.

I look at my old me where I’d take everything I looked at as an important part of the knowledge we have – the fact that the girl from next door had a nice shirt that day, or other miscellaneous things – and see that I was wrong. Looking at something as small as a smudge is unimportant to us, but to someone higher up, the fact that someone lower down is struggling to make do with what he/she has is just as unimportant. If you are intelligent and manage yourself both financially and as a lifestyle, you’ll live better, and with much less of a bore as a result.

It’s a whole other level that I must get to, and it’s not that I must grind the experience to get there, but it’s the fact that I can barely wait to reach it. Until then however, I have to grow, in age, mind and body, so I get to show the world what it is that makes me tick, perhaps showing the rest that way that the way I tick is the way to tick. So I guess that I have to occupy some of my gaming time with some visits to the theater, reading of some books, and generally trying to get myself to be a better person culturally, because if you really look at it, Romania is a beautiful country, with beautiful minds inventing beautiful things to marvel at.



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