Tonight I write…

There are some moments in life in which you simply start doing something. Well I’m announcing that I’m writing. Tonight – 3 reviews down the gutter for all of you to see. If you don’t hold to this vow, I’m a bad man. And I’m not a bad man. So I’m going to write. Yeah. I haven’t written anything on my damn site since May, it’s about time I started again. Now then, see you later on GREDb for reviews of Zombie Shooter 2, The Saboteur and Batman: Arkham Asylum.

PS: I didn’t hit the deadline. Guilty. It’s 6:03 AM and I’ve only managed to write two of them. No worries, Batman is coming later today.

PPS: I’m a bad man anyway, I don’t always clean my plate.

XPS: I’ve reviewed The Saboteur and Zombie Shooter 2.


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