Another Sim Story

It was only natural, at the time (2004), that a sequel was to be played the moment it was available. Of course, three or four days after release, I already had it. Bad thing was that I was a 13 year-old at the time, puberty making my hormones move like crazy. So you can only imagine when the teenage me created an adult avatar, mostly personalized to be just like him, but in-game, just to make him get laid. He introduced another personalization of someone he (or me) wanted, and placed her next door.

Look Bob, I squashed it!

Typical porn movie setting, and perhaps affair as well. Consider little Darkie look at big sim Darkie with glee as he built his house up to some high place in society, then meeting said girl-next-door. Now consider him just trying hard to get that girl to actually bond to big sim dude, because apparently the girl didn’t like him. Not one damn bit. Eventually though, she endeared to him (considering his big house and huge TV, no wonder). They started to enjoy chatting, joking around, eventually flirting and fooling around. It did not take long until girl sim was pretty much in love with my own, something which made her move in with my sim.

That complicated things slightly. I barely had a king size bed, but that was it – no second bathroom or other things. I didn’t have to worry though. Why? Read further.

It rapidly got apparent that I was a teenager intent on getting laid at the time. The moment I figured out the basic formula to get my sims to… “WooHoo”, I made them do it. And then again. And again. And again. True me was giggling with glee. Sim me was slowly getting exhausted. Again and again and again I clicked that word in the menu. Again and again the bedsheets jumped around like crazy. Its novelty would’ve worn off, but something weird and pretty curious happened.

The girl got off the bed and promptly died.

Of hunger.

Regardless to say, Sim me begged Death not to take her away, but I guess dying of hunger is reason enough to make Him not hear me when I had to say all the nice memories I had of the Sim girl – namely sex. I turned the game off and never played again.

You should take something out of this little story – feed your sims food before you feed them sex, kids!


One thought on “Another Sim Story

  1. that’s so funny!love your blog.


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