Second Intermission

Selfless Plight was the second story that I wrote treating the interesting notion of the submarine and what it meant to serve upon one. This time however, it’s different. Each and every submarine was filled by men, fallible, gullible perhaps, or even proud. In this case, it was not pride that made the submarine never surface again as much as it was pure power of will, the will to finish the mission no matter the cost.

Of course, no experienced commanding officer would sacrifice its crew like that. Back then, being crew on a submarine whose captain had a Knight’s Cross gave a great sense of security, as these symbols were signs of great experience, and hence conservation. None of these captains would throw any of their crew’s life away.

Being brave does not forgive being stupid, nor is it a good substitute.

Because today I’m out of town, I’ll leave the mp3 version of the story for tomorrow. But rest assured, it will come.


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