Starcraft 2 Update

I’ve been playing Starcraft 2.

You wanna know how to play as well? I don’t have the proper beta, but you can play against the AI. Follow these steps if you want to do the same.

Beta rocks!

  1. Get the beta from here:[Build_13891]
  2. Install the beta from there.
  3. Let it update itself.
  4. Go to and get the latest version of Lazy Launcher. 2.0 at the moment of the writing of this article.
  5. Go to and download any map that contains AI (has AI in the name). Download them wherever you wish.
  6. Run Lazy Launcher. A file prompter window will appear.
  7. Select any map file of the ones you downloaded.
  8. Enjoy playing Starcraft 2 Beta with an AI. You can’t choose your race, it will be random.

AI UPDATE!: Starcrack AI 6.1.1 is out and is hard. I’ve played the standard one and killed the hell out of me with Thors and Siege Tanks. There’s also an easier mode and the cheating variant. Check em out here:

NOTE: The normal speed at which the game plays is much slower than the pace found on the ladder games. Press the numpad + key twice to match the speed used on


You could find some AI that cheats. Suit yourself.


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