Weekend, mind you…


Don’t we all just love them? Two free days, almost some kind of reward for 5 days you have worked your heart out (or pretended to). Two days in which you can sleep as much as you want, in which you can just turn your phones off and never get contacted while you have all the time you want for your own.

Weekends are bio-engineered days to make amends to human nature, to nurture morale, and remake bonds to energy pockets lost during 5 days of doing whatever is necessary to do to stay alive. So during these usually 2 days of R&R, we have the time of our life.

Or not.

For it is in these days of relish and anti-social or super-social activity that we do not want to be controlled by outside forces, and when we are, wrath occurs. Sometimes you can not go around this. Hence, sometimes weekends are awful.

Fret not though, for all is not lost. Cherish these free days so you would work with greater pleasure looking towards the future weekend. It’s what keeps us ticking, dammit.


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