Starcraft 2, mind you

So I’ve been playing Starcraft 2, and watching the game in more ways than one (looking up good matches with commentaries on YouTube is a little past-time of mine, or watching streams of skilled players on sites like Livestream). The experience that I’ve had is one of… “yeah, awesome, this game is really awesome, it’ll sell millions and I’ll play it for hours on end”.

Then I double-click the executable of the beta and get into a match. I start it at full speed, using all hotkeys and whatnot. Attack, attack, pwn, get pwnt, lose or win – it’s usually alternative. I’m not a good player. Hell, I wouldn’t even call myself average. I’m awful I think, despite having been playing strategy games since Warcraft 2 (they’re also my favorite genre of games for some reason). I’m slow and forget building up after being quick in doing initial things. I could get a rush off, but then everything starts falling off.

Fatigue, I guess I can call it. Either that, or lack of focus. I don’t know how others do it, how the people on the streams just do game after game after game in diamond league with a slight sigh every victory. I almost feel tired after just a game or two, regardless whether they be victories or losses. I just tire out. And I’m a game player, don’t get me wrong – 8-9 hour long sessions have been quite usual for me (I’ve worked as a game tester, remember?). But Starcraft 2’s matchmaking just tires me out. It isn’t really that singular to SC2 though, games like Warhammer 40k DoW2 have done the same. I’ve almost done the whole campaign in two sittings, but after one or two multiplayer matches I’m out, whether I win or lose.

I don’t consider myself a sore loser, although I do consider myself lazy. Maybe that’s it – the multiplayer experience is seen in my own mind as shallow and with no visible progression, although I could very clearly see the differences between me clicking on stuff and using the hotkeys. Still – the game being beta might be a good reason to the fact that I’m at the bottom of the ladder – people are just too good for me :(.

Either that or they’re more dedicated.


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