Starcraft 2, mind you, part two!

I thought my RTS skills were ok. I thought that I knew the gist and basics and most of the secrets used by top players to win. I thought I knew…

I was right, of course.

Problem is, I almost never used what I knew in gameplay. Looking at someone playing I know almost all they should to – keep building SCVs, your barracks is built, get the orbital on, scout! he might be building void rays, build more supply depots, more pylons, more overlords! I guess I could coach – but I can’t play to save my life – until yesterday.

I got a piece of paper out, wrote on it all the advice I’d give somebody else while I’m watching them playing, and wherever I look at it, I get reminded to get my pace up. And I do – I guess when I play, that little voice behind the eyes that demands that you do stuff shuts down. Reading the piece of paper frees it up. Hence, I moved up a league.

It’s getting better and better. And the better I become, the more fun the game seems to be, and the less it seems to tire me out…


One thought on “Starcraft 2, mind you, part two!

  1. I’m almost the same tbh. I know what would help when watching someone else play, but when playing, I somehow fail at doing just that. My one friend though, man he can play Supreme Commander Forged Alliance like no one I’ve even seen. He ALWAYS knows what’s going on. He scouts like a maniac, and his micro managing skills astounds me. Even when I watch him play and try to learn his style, trying to attempt it myself when playing together, he’s always far ahead of me with everything.

    Each to his own I guess. But mostly it’s about your skill at playing. You can improve it with practice, but even when you did your best and failed, your opponent was better 😛


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