Emergent gameplay seems to become a trend in the video-game world. I’m constantly watching three indie game programmers, each with an emergent gameplay based game constantly in the works: Notch of Minecraft fame, Toady of Dwarf Fortress fame and last, but certainly not least, Data of Cortex Command fame (despite the fact that CC is a bit different in type).

There have been higher examples of emergent gameplay being used in mainstream titles, with good results or not, examples ranging from The Sims to Spore, that most critics see as some kind of complete flop (I liked the first playthrough, mind you). I can’t say that these examples are as endearing as the indie titles for some reason, despite much higher production values and so on. Consider Dwarf Fortress – it’s a damned ASCII game while Minecraft has block graphics.

I intend to study this phenomenon a bit, so I’ll write up on each of these amazing indie games that you totally should try in the next days.

Tally-ho, there be the fox!


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