Starcraft 2 is win!

I bought Starcraft 2 day one. There was a little opening celebration in a mall here in Bucharest, with a 64 player tournament, registration of which I missed, of course, since I had work to attend to.

Of course, if you didn’t go up the stairs up to the store, you wouldn’t have known that the opening of a historical game was actually there, since there was absolutely no poster showing Raynor or the logo or whatever. It was poorly organized and computers didn’t even have the game installed on them yet (except for 2 or 3 of them). So after looking around for about an hour and meeting an old friend again there, I picked up a copy of the game (standard edition), and happily took it home.

Now, I started the campaign on Normal, and didn’t really have any trouble on any mission except for one or two. I was enthralled. If I didn’t have to sleep or eat or go to work, I would’ve gotten all the way through it. Now I can’t wait for Heart of the Swarm to see what happens next. I loved the game. I don’t know if I loved it so much because of the hype I build myself around it, or because I bought the game for myself, or whatever, but I loved it, all the way through.

Each mission is different, has a different mechanic attached to it. One mission you protect a civilian convoy from one base to another while being attacked by the zerg, one other mission you have to cleanse infected civilian buildings during the day while they spawn enemies during the night, zombies style, another is a classic hold out for so long mission, another is a covert mission, and so on, and so forth, always introducing something new in the form of a mechanic, a unit (new or old-school), a new map or whatever to just change it up.

In the beta, after doing the placement maps, I got thrown in the bronze league. Even there, I failed badly. Several streams, tutorials, and a game release and campaign finished later, I get thrown in the Platinum league. I have yet to do any games there, but I’m afraid of what will happen.

Anyways, short review for SC2? Awesome great game, was worth the wait. Even shorter? I’d say Game of the Year.


One thought on “Starcraft 2 is win!

  1. When do we play? 😀


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