eVilization 5

As some of you might know, the game that promised to eat away at most of my evenings came out a some time ago, namely Civilization 5, or V, or whatever you want to call it. The series has got a huge following, and for good reason – it spawned the saying “just one more turn!”. I would say it too, and that one turn would turn into 10 and then a hundred or more, eating away hours upon hours of conquering by land, sea, culture, or science.

This addition to the series is instantly recognizable because of the loss of the characteristic square based grid, instead going for a Panzer General style hexagonal grid. This, along with the “one unit per tile” feature has added critical depth to the combat in the game, making it feel much more strategic and organic. I’m not that good of a player, so it’s either a huge attack from one side or the other, with too poor defense or too poor of an attack to warrant any kind of strategic depth and tactical challenge.

What I don’t like about Civ is that maybe it’s too focused on combat. Killing off an enemy early is a surefire way to have a huge advantage later on by means of increased growth and military power. If a sciencey or culture focused civ is around you, it’s much easier to just take them by force than wait them out hoping for another kind of victory. Also, it’s the least boring way to win. It’s evil that way, but I always kill off the guy with the most wonders, which would be Ramesses in this last game I’m still playing. Anyway, expect a full review on GREdB fairly soon.



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