WoW Nostalgia

As those of you that care might know by now, the third expansion to Blizzard’s MMO World of Warcraft, Cataclysm, is coming out on December 7th. I played a bit of WoW this year. Not much, about 3 months. Enough to get a character to level 64 and to switch to another server, to a new Deathknight that I would get to max level. I played around with a new little priest that I got to level 20 something, but the point is on Darkenson, my main. It’s been a nice period of three months that I played, with highs and lows.

The only thing I feel accomplished about though is this:

I'm Salty!

For those not initiated in WoW (and even some of those who are), what’s in that picture is my achievement of being “Salty”. Most of the things you have to do in order to get this title are mundane, like fish X fish from Y pond or do Z fishing quest in whatever city. But there is one that is not that mundane: “Master Angler of Azeroth”. Every week, on Sunday, there’s a small server-wide event in which people on the server compete in order to get out of the water a fixed number of fish. Who fishes out that number of fish and gets back before everybody else wins (and gets that achievement). That week was the first time I ever participated in that event (the Booty Bay fishing derby, not the Kalu’ak one, that’s all luck in my opinion), and I won it. My heart was going like a thorough-bred racing horse when I turned in the quest and won it.

I sort of felt sorry for the guy that came about 10 seconds late. He had a ton of achievements, but he was missing the one I just got.

Actually, no, I don’t feel sorry for him. Cry moar!

PS: Yeah, that’s my fishing buddy add-on saying that I’ve had a pole equipped for 17 hours. Total. Not counting the time I’ve spent with a pole in my hand before I got fishing buddy, which would be about 5 hours.

You can also see my character here:

No. I’m not playing anymore.


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