Before the Shattering

Today the world known as Azeroth will change forever. Basically a huge adamantite clad dragon is raping it asunder. To celebrate this, we made a 3-man group and killed a smaller black dragon, Nefarian.

We had to endure a buggy first boss though, but we had help. Game master help.

Thank you!

After this, we trudged through poisoned halls and nasty debuffs, swaths of dragonlings and bigger dragonkin. We also slaughtered our fair share of goblins to celebrate the coming of the cataclysm. We died horribly to Chromaggus after he died, but then we came to the destination.


He died.

Not before he threw flurries of bones from the dragonkin we killed beforehand at us.

We took his throne.

Cheers Destiny! Cheers Seylaina!

So Deathwing wants to destroy us all?

Let him come.


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