Updates on new and old

I has been almost a full year since I’ve last updated the blog. I’m not just going to let this website die. On the other hand, GreDb did actually die – I have not paid for the hosting anymore, so it lives on just as some sort of pleasant memory in my mind and in the Internet Archive Database. You can still visit the good old Game Reviews Database over here if you desire to see some previous work in both in game reviews and in web design.

In other news, since yesterday, I’ve started writing for Gameranx. You might see quite a few articles written by me, so give the site a visit and, if you like what’s on there, maybe a like on Facebook or something. In gaming news, WoW Cataclysm has come and gone and now feels as stale as bread bought 3 days ago. Many games have been played, more have been watched, and I think I might have some insight to provide now, after so long. I’ll try to write daily again, even if I have nothing to write about, so be sure to visit every once in a while.

Also, if you like animation, I highly suggest you visit my friend’s blog here (you might have to google translate it, as it is in Romanian, and even if you don’t you will find some interesting Youtube vids there you might enjoy).

Look forward for more, because I know I am.


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