So I’ve been playing… Monstermind

Look at the title, now at me, back at the title, back at me. The title is now diamonds. Or at least I wish it were. I think I’m going to make So I’ve been playing… a regular thing here on the blog, telling the starting impressions of the games I’ve tried out. Now then, let’s get into the first edition.

Monstermind is an odd Facebook game. It looks like one and at the same time it does not. Basically the main idea of the game is building up your town so it can defend against the onslaught of enemy monsters, sent either by the AI or by your mischievous friends. Do not blame them for doing them, though, as both you and your frenemy stand to gain experience and maybe cash from an attack.

With that idea you will find the standard Facebook features of building stuff that gives you money every once in a while and take a while to build. One thing that stands out is that there is absolutely no energy bar in the game. The only thing that limits what you can do in the game is the amount of money you have on hand, and that changes depending on your money producing buildings. Alternatively, you can use Facebook credits to build whatever you like as well as a few premium-only items.

The rules are simple but the mechanics work together amazingly well. You have to balance population, income and defenses enough so you can actually have functional buildings, have enough moolah to attack your antagonistic friends and to spend on upgrading your defenses.

The game is not exactly polished – a fun bug a mate and I found is that you can hover the cannon blueprint around an enemy and it would fire at the enemy still. In addition, you can feed off of a trusted team-mate to powerlevel, since you gain experience both if you destroy or lose buildings.

It’s an interesting concept put into an interesting game, so I advise you to try it out. You might just like it. And yeah, it’s a Facebook game. Facebook games are lame? I don’t care, as long as I’m having fun.



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