Get the Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle

If you want to support game development, especially indie game development, I advise you to go, see and buy the Humble Bundle. This time it features Frozen Synapse, a critically acclaimed tactical strategy game with TRON-like visuals and a special kind of turn based style of play.

For those not familiar with the Humble Bundle, it came as an action from the guys over at Wolfire to bring good indie games to the masses for whatever you want to pay. You can also choose where the money you contribute goes, between worthwhile charities, the game developers and the bundle organizers.

This time, if you pay over the average for your platform, you can get the past Frozenbyte Pack as well as Frozen Synapse and whatever else is added to the bundle afterwards. If past bundles are anything to go by, these bonuses will be quite substantial – TRAUMA has already been added as a bonus game to the bundle; who knows what will be added later.

Now then, take Yoda’s word of advice and the “humble bundle you get, happier you’ll be”.


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