I have posted daily for 10 days. Then I missed 3. Whoops!

That I account to my great laziness, but normal posts will come back starting tomorrow, because I have quite a few things to say. Until then, watch this:

I was first opened to the songs of WOODKID (aka Yoann Lemoine) when I have listened to it on Assassin’s Creed Revelations first trailer (here). It instantly stuck – it doesn’t have that easily understandable lyrics, but it just sounds amazing. Not only that, but the artist’s past as a film director shows up clearly in his self-produced music video, filled with obscure symbolism I didn’t actually care enough about to do research into! (my bad)

Ubisoft didn’t do a bad job either – the trailer they have put together looks downright amazing, shows a lot about why Ezio is who he is, and integrates the song pretty much perfectly. Occasionally you reach a point in a movie or video in which you just wonder if the film was made for the song or backwards – this is one of those moments.

You ought to listen to the other songs in Woodkid’s album too – they’re quite good.



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