2 Years Elapsed

Ever since I’ve penned the last update, it’s been almost 2 years – I’m probably 110% the man I was when I’ve last said anything in here (in age, I’ve gained more weight than that).

The status quo hasn’t changed much – still got the same job, same interests, same hobbies, same awkward handshakes with so-called important people I couldn’t give a toss about.

Same cycle of running in circles in order to discover the meaning of life like a long-lost dog that may finally catch my scent again.


I guess you could say that it’s been an uneventful couple of years, but that wouldn’t be true if you lived them. Many more games have passed through the filters of my nerves,

I’ve learned to paint some more, I’ve mended old friendships and broken new ones, rotted a bit but grown a bit too. I’ve been writing more often, which is odd, because no words have hit this page.

I’ll write more now though, since I’m being pushed, as I push too – Alex is keeping a blog about his Poker adventures over at http://treicenti.blogspot.ro/, while I said I’d update this one. I guess pushing one-another will push towards greater heights, even if you start small (well, I’m starting small, he’s started his blog for a couple of weeks and already got $500 in one day playing poker, the bastard).

I’ll probably paint some more just to have something to post here.

Until next time, have a fedora:



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