Here’s the Plan

I’ve been going around my general internet places that I tend to visit and I remembered a place where you can put your Steam profile in for analysis. Last time I’ve checked it was a while ago, so I decided to update my profile:

Apparently I have 245 games on Steam. Not only that, but I haven’t played 184 of them. One hundred eighty-fuckin’-four. I’ve only played a quarter of my catalog.


Ok, there is clearly a reason for which I have so many games on my account – I don’t just run around willy-nilly buying random games I was never going to play, right? Right? Well… maybe. The main reason I have so many games is because I buy pretty much all the humble bundles that have ever come out (I have only missed one, I think). Of course I bought them because there were games I wanted in them, but there were also a ton that I’ve never played there. Regardless, all the bundles had all of their codes unceremoniously dumped in my Steam profile, with the extra ones given away to random friends that wanted them. Now here we are, with a quarter of a thousand games just waiting for a willing player.

I decided I should do something about that. I already have  so many games, so why not play them? More than that, why not play the games in alphabetical order a little bit every day and tell you guys about it? I think it’s an OK idea, so do a couple of friends, so I’m gonna do it.

I’ll play the games in my steam list alphabetically and write a short first-look review for each of them. I’ll probably miss some days, but hey, I have a day job and other activities that take some of my time away. In addition, I’ll draw a picture every day and post it over here.

Deal? Deal.

(I still don’t know how I’m gonna name the series though)


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