Implayed (Episode 6): A Virus Named TOM


There was once a virus named TOM
Shaped a lot like a square atom,
Infecting systems when let at ’em
Bringing them down like a bomb.

He was created quite recently
For the simple purpose to avenge
An employee’s cause of revenge,
And really, Tom does it decently.

The game’s a simple puzzler,
Rotating tiles to make a path –
It’s much simpler than math,
But still a brain guzzler.

There’s a time limit in energy,
Even Obstacles more and more,
Drones with which you make war,
It will wake you from lethargy.

That's a lots'a nope's.

That’s a lots’a nope’s.

The art style’s clean and cute,
With funny cutscenes and ads,
Like in the time of your grandad’s,
It may even evoke your hoot.

The controls are simple and nice,
To learn they’re rather easy,
To master will get you wheezy;
You need to be very precise.

I recommend the game a lot,
On Steam it’s half off,
It’s nothing at to scoff,
At 5 dollars a pop.


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