I Participated in a Game Jam!

Oh yeah, I totally forgot about this – I made a game for the Boob Jam¬†back in July. Then eventually it happened (a few days ago), it passed, and I was none the wiser because I wasn’t paying attention to Twitter.

It’s not that interesting a game, to be frank – it’s made in Twine, it’s short, it’s easy to get the best outcome, and it’s not particularly intricate, nor does it have any graphics (it’s a choose your own adventure book, basically), but I made it, so there. Maybe you’ll like it. Also, it’s called “A Tale of Breasts and Pain”, because it wasn’t “A Song of Ice and Fire”.

This is my first ever game jam I’ve participated in! Thanks Jenn Frank for the occasion (follow her @jennatar).

There’s quite a few submissions you can try out, even a board game, check them all out here:¬†http://theboobjam.com/

Finally, you can play my game here:



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