Implayed (Ep. 12): Altitude

title-ep12I think I’ve had this game sitting in my Steam list for a few years now – it’s been out since 2009. I haven’t really played more than 2 hours throughout the number of years, and I suppose that’s a fault of my own. I rarely play exclusively multiplayer games for very long, mostly because I find them rather shallow, despite the persistent leveling, perks or whatever else is there to put some direction in a generally grindy genre. I was the one guy who would play Delta Force single player when everybody else was getting head shots in Counter Strike back in the day.

Altitude is a 2D flying multiplayer game in which you choose a plane with various attacking capabilities and special abilities and are pitted in heated combat in various arenas with various scenarios. Basically. There’s a lot more going on under the hood – you get challenges for every plane that you want to complete to unlock various stuff you can use, you level your account up to unlock other planes and so on.

Scenarios range from straight up deathmatch to playing flying football to bombing the enemy base to smithereens. That last one has 2 variants, one in which the bombs you destroy the base with are taken from the middle of the map, sort of like a capture the single flag style, and the bomb will pass to the one who picks it up after the carrier gets destroyed, or one in which there’s one bomb per base, and if the enemy picks it up, the bomb is defused.

Expect to see this a lot.

Expect to see this a lot.

Overall, though, the game doesn’t present all that many carrots on sticks to keep you on. There’s still people playing the game, quite a few actually, but those who do are generally extremely good, creating a rather large gap in skill level between existing and new players. If you’ve ever come back to Counter Strike after playing it a long time ago, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

It’s fun for a few hours, maybe it’s your cup of tea, I like the cartoony artstyle, but it’s not enough to keep me interested.

You can find it on Steam at 9 Euros or your regional equivalent.


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