Update: Too Many Games, Too Little Time

After getting a few more games from the latest Humble Bundle, I realized I had quite a few bundles that I forgot to add the Steam keys to. I’ve taken the time to go through them all, making sure I didn’t miss any (though I probably have anyway), and after a few hours of copying and pasting codes in a window that only accepts one at a time, I have come to the conclusion that the grand total of games my Steam list shows is: 315. From those, if I cut down on the fluff and extra games I have in my list (non-Steam games, betas for existing games and other betas), there’s 292. That is excluding all the betas and “unknown” I’ve missed last time, and excluding 3 Avernum games that won’t run on my PC for the moment. I’ll probably get back to them eventually.

Here’s the checklist: https://darkiemindyou.wordpress.com/get-started-here/ 

I guess you can only imagine how I felt when I found that I had 40 games more than I thought I did, especially when it comes to the fact that I am still going to go through most if not all of them. It’s a ton of games, and it’s getting a bit hard to go through them daily and still sleep nights effectively. I’m thinking that I should have a schedule in which I will update once every 2 days, but I’m actually more productive when I do it daily. I don’t know yet, but I’ll know for sure later, when I take the decision.

In the meanwhile, while going through the Humble Bundle libraries I had, I’ve also found that I have 23 stray Steam keys that are duplicates, so I’m gonna give some of those away. You’ll know when I’m giving them away.


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